CAP, ASCP, AMP, NCCLS Join in Support of Lab Tests Online

August 27, 2002

August 27, 2002 – CAP is the most recent organization to become a Collaborating Partner, joining other newcomers ASCP, AMP, and NCCLS as support from the lab community for Lab Tests Online has mushroomed. A cornerstone in the laboratory medicine community, CAP’s successful experience in public education and web site outreach will be most welcome as the site enters its second year online. CAP expects to name their representative to the site's Editorial Review Board early in the Fall.

With a total of ten professional societies collaborating on its development, twice the number than at the site’s launch a year ago, Lab Tests Online now represents the vast majority of clinical laboratory professionals in seeking to educate the public about their profession and the meaning of a broad range of laboratory tests. The site counts on the grassroots support from the memberships of the Collaborating Partners to help spread the word about Lab Tests Online. (A Member Action Page can be downloaded for suggestions on how to help.)

amp.gifAMP, the Association for Molecular Pathology, led the latest wave of support early in the summer. Dr. Karl Voelkerding, a former President of AMP, had already been assisting in developing an overview of genetic testing that is being prepared for the site. Unfortunately, Dr. Voelkerding’s schedule will prevent him from becoming AMP’s representative on the Editorial Review Board. AMP expects to name their representative early in the Fall.

ascp_logo.gifASCP (the American Society for Clinical Pathology) brings the support of its 151,000 members and will add two representatives to the Editorial Review Board: Bette Jamieson, MEd, MT(ASCP)SH, and Wes Schreiber, MD, FASCP. With her experience as Supervisor of Chemistry, Hematology & Flow Cytometry at The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, Ms. Jamieson is well-versed in how to explain laboratory information to patients in easy-to-understand language. Dr. Schreiber is a past chair of the ASCP CCE Council on Clinical Chemistry and works in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Center.

nccls_logo.gifWith its mix of government, industry, and professional participation and its focus on standards, NCCLS is an important addition to the collaboration as the site seeks to increase input from government agencies and other organizations active in the lab community. John Zlockie, Senior Assistant Executive Director for Standards at NCCLS, will serve as liaison to Lab Tests Online for both editorial and communications matters.

Accomplishing together what would be enormously difficult to achieve independently, the Collaborating Partners and their volunteer representatives are regularly rewarded with comments such as these recent remarks:

God Bless you ALL for this site. It is marvelous. Girls on the Sjogrens list are firing it off to each other. You are all to be commended! EXCELLENT!!! kind regards to you all.
--Patient or Caregiver

Your web site is the ONLY one I have found that gives a great listing of tests and explanations. All my friends use it now, too! Thanks.
--Patient or Caregiver

Thank you so much for putting together such a helpful website and making it freely available.
-- Patient or Caregiver

No questions - this is a GREAT web-site. Thank you!
--Patient or Caregiver

I was able to understand my test results 4 weeks after my doctor sent them to me! I wish my doctor would have told me about this website.
--Patient or Caregiver

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