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October 18, 2002

October 18, 2002 -- Lab Tests Online is the top-ranked site on Google for lab testing information, and ranks second in the Google Directory listing for Patient Education.

More than other sites, pages on Lab Tests Online are returned among the top five search results for a broad range of search terms. From general terms like "lab tests" or "lab test results" to specific terms like "hdl cholesterol" and "ggt test" to topics like "reference ranges" and "test reliability", Google returns pages from Lab Tests Online at the top of its search results. In fact for these terms just listed, Google returns Lab Tests Online pages ranked as follows:

Search Term
LTO Page
Google Search Result Rank*
lab tests Lab Tests Online: Welcome!
Understanding Your Tests
lab test results Lab Tests Online: Welcome! 2nd
hdl cholesterol HDL Cholesterol: At a Glance 5th
ggt test GGT: The Test 1st
reference ranges Reference Ranges & What They Mean 1st
test reliability How Reliable is Laboratory Testing? 3rd
* Search results were obtained October 16, 2002.

Users also continue to tell us how easy it is to find the site:

"What a fantastic site. Immediately found in Google, precisely the info I wanted on CRP and Uric tests. Bloody good show folks, keep it up.... "

The search term this commenter used to find the site was "Blood test CRP" which returned the Lab Tests Online news item entitled Simple Blood Test May Promise New Way to Predict Heart Disease as the first search result.

Top ranking on Google means more traffic to the site. Google is now the premiere search tool on the web, and is used to power searches on Yahoo and AOL Search as well as its own site, meaning that Google drives traffic from three of the four top ranked search sites. Google generates results!




LTO ranking on Google

This screen capture from Google was taken on October 18, 2002. It shows Lab Tests Online ranked second under the "Patient Education" directory heading as viewed in Google Page Rank order.

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