Lab Tests Online a Reliable Source for DAT Users

May 19, 2003

May 19, 2003 -- In the May 19 edition of US News & World Report, readers are referred to Lab Tests Online as "one useful resource" in an article discussing direct access testing (DAT).  The article, which appears in the magazine’s Health & Medicine Quarterly Guide, is entitled "Testing made easy" and can be found on page 55 of the print copy, and is available on the web at

The article marks the second time in recent months that major national media has covered the growing DAT market, and referenced Lab Tests Online as a valuable resource (see related article).  In the US News & World Report article, author Josh Fischman points out that some labs may market tests for uses that doctors don’t necessarily agree with.  It is in this context that he mentions Lab Tests Online:

"To check whether a test is appropriate, one useful resource is the Web site at It offers reliable information on an exhaustive array of lab tests in plain English, telling you what the tests are used for."

Lab Tests Online is ideally suited as a source of independent, commercial-free information on lab testing for anyone using, or contemplating the use of, DAT services.  Each test description explains what is being tested, how the test is used, when it is ordered, and what the test results might mean.  In addition, the site includes discussions of some conditions for which the tests might be ordered, feature articles on such related topics as test reliability and home testing, and articles that provide a glimpse of the world inside the lab.

The web site’s Editorial Review Board, composed of representatives from the participating associations, carefully edits all material posted to the site to ensure both technical accuracy and balanced presentation.  It is through their efforts that Lab Tests Online delivers such useful information in plain English.