ASAE Honors Lab Tests Online at Award Dinner

October 16, 2003

The American Society of Association Executives held its annual Summit Awards Dinner on September 30 to recognize Lab Tests Online and five other projects for innovative contributions that have enhanced American society. In a pre-recorded video, Richard Flaherty, Executive Vice-President of AACC accepted the award on behalf of AACC and the partner associations.

The dinner, held at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, with 850 attendees and featuring a performance by Grammy-nominee Kirk Whalum, celebrated the role of associations in American life.  The professional societies supporting Lab Tests Online, and their members, were in good company on this night: Among the other award winners were the American Dental Association, whose members contributed a day's worth of dental care totaling more than $100 million to needy children, and the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association, which contributed over $200,000 in-kind to assisting in relocating teachers to the state of Florida, which has been suffering from a shortage of educators.

While not mentioned during the awards dinner, a special congratulations goes to the members of the Editorial Review Board, listed below, and the numerous other association members who have assisted in the review of material for the site and who have helped promote the site. 

Editorial Review Board Members (association affiliation is in italics):

*Robert Dufour, MD, AACC, NACB
*Roberta G. Reed, PhD, FACB, AACC
*Shirley L. Welch, PhD, DABCC, FACB, AACC
*Roberta B. Carey, PhD, ASM
*Anthony Kurec, MS, DLM (ASCP), CLMA
*Elissa Passiment, EdM, CLS(NCA), ASCLS
*David N. Sundwall, MD, ACLA
Bette Jamieson, MEd, S.H. (ASCP), ASCP
William E. Schreiber, MD, ASCP
Barbara Border, Ph.D. MT(ASCP) CLS(NCA) CLSp(MB), AMP
John J. Zlockie, MBA, NCCLS
Geraldine Cooper, B.Sc., MLT, CSMLS
Patrick St-Louis, PhD, DCC, CSCC
J. David Bessman, MD, ASH
James J. Miller, Ph.D., DABCC, CLAS
Michael T. Kafka, MD, FCAP, CAP

The Board members denoted by an asterisk (*) are the original members of the Board who have committed innumerable hours over three years to shaping the editorial policies governing the site in addition to developing its content. AACC, as producer of Lab Tests Online, honored these Board members earlier this year with a Presidential Citation for their commitment to Lab Tests Online, patient education, and the laboratory profession.

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