Lab Tests Online Launched in the UK

June 16, 2004

June 16, 2004--Today, AACC launched a second version of Lab Tests Online and the first international edition of the site in the United Kingdom.

The new site, located at, adapts the award-winning content of Lab Tests Online for the benefit of patients and families in the British Isles, and supplements it with original material that is of particular relevance there. Modifications to reflect the Queens English and differences in policy and practice give the site a more local flavor. The site is being launched with the support of the British Ministry of Health.

The new version of Lab Tests Online, dubbed Lab Tests Online-UK, is published by the Association of Clinical Biochemists (ACB) under a license from AACC. ACB, a UK-based professional body dedicated to the practice and promotion of clinical science, obtained funding for the site from The Health Foundation, an independent charity that aims to improve health and the quality of healthcare for the people of the United Kingdom.

Lab Tests Online is the only online resource for laboratory testing information developed by the laboratory community the people who do the testing. Launched in July 2001, the original site served its five millionth visitor earlier this year. In its March 2004 issue, Prevention magazine called it one of the smartest health sites on the web. Lab Tests Online has received awards for its content, writing, and positive impact on American society

Both editions of Lab Tests Online offer detailed information on more than 170 tests, and describe a range of conditions based on the tests used to screen, diagnose, and monitor them. Users are also able to submit questions about their lab tests and get custom responses from clinical scientists, typically within 24-48 hours (a service run by ASCLS on the US site). Feature articles further distinguish the two sites topics include the meaning of reference ranges, test reliability, and the universe of genetic testing.

More than 80% of users surveyed by AACC say they would recommend the site to others.