Lab Tests Online Helps Decode Medical Lingo

November 10, 2004

November 10, 2004-- The November issue of Consumer Reports on Health referenced Lab Tests Online as one of several web sites that help decode medical lingo. The site is mentioned, along with Merck, MedlinePlus, and the Medical Library Association, in a sidebar to the article, "What Exactly Do You Mean, Doctor?"

This latest media mention comes at a time when traffic to the site continues to surge. October proved to be yet another record-breaking month for Lab Tests Online, as monthly traffic climbed to 502,000 visitors, reaching the half-million milestone for the first time. Traffic has risen by more than 115,000 visitors since July and has nearly doubled since January.

While media mentions have been the single most significant driver of new users to the web site, the ongoing efforts of members of the partner associations to spread the word continues to be a major factor. By encouraging their company web sites to link to Lab Tests Online, distributing our countertop displays to patient waiting areas, and talking and writing about the site, they continue to account, directly and indirectly, for 20% - 25% of the traffic to the site.

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