New Milestone, Recognition for Lab Tests Online

February 11, 2005

February 11, 2005 Last February, Lab Tests Online hosted its 5 millionth visitor a notable achievement for the site, which had been online for two-and-a-half years. Just one year later, AACC is very pleased to announce that the site has hosted its 10 millionth visitor.

Traffic to Lab Tests Online over the last year rose dramatically as the site received several key media acknowledgement, including recognition by Prevention magazine as one of the best health sites on the web. In November, Consumer Reports on Health identified the site as an aid in decoding medical lingo. Additionally, Lab Tests Online pages continue to rank very high on search sites such as Google, where 40% of the sites test pages rank in the top 5 search results (see note below).

For the calendar year, total number of visits to the site improved by 76% over 2003.

Graph comparing monthly traffic

Medicine on the Net Award logoAlso this month, Medicine on the Net Web Excellence Awards recognized Lab Tests Online for Outstanding Content among Consumer Portals. Lab Tests Online received an honorable mention in the content category, as did three other web sites - NIH, Merck Source, and Transplant Living. The National Cancer Institute received top honors.

NOTE: Data on page rankings is based on searches using the test name or acronym, as listed in the Lab Tests Online test menu. In some cases, where the acronym alone does not produce any related search results, the acronym was used with the word test (e.g., alt test instead of alt)