1 Million Visit Lab Tests Online in March

April 4, 2006

Lab Tests Online reached a major milestone when it hosted its one millionth March visitor on the last day of the month. This achievement highlights the impact of the site, and emphasizes the importance of laboratory testing in many, many lives.

Shortly after 8 A.M Friday morning, the monthly traffic counter clicked, displaying seven digits for the first time in the sites five-year history. While there were no balloons rising or confetti falling, congratulations were quickly passed around to AACC and the 15 partnering organizations whose members have supported Lab Tests Online with their expertise and efforts to spread the word about the site. The sites sponsors, listed on the left of this page, also received kudos for their financial and promotional support of the site. Together, almost 50 organizations representing the breadth and depth of the laboratory industry have made Lab Tests Online one of the most respected healthcare websites on the Internet.

One million isnt just a big number, said AACC President John E. Sherwin, Ph.D. In this case, its a reflection of how important laboratory testing is in our medical system, and in the lives of so many people.

With patients being called upon to make decisions about ever more sophisticated medical therapies, good patient education based on credible and current information is increasingly seen as an integral part of health care. Finding such credible information can be a challenge, but Lab Tests Online has made it easy for patients and their families, providing clear, concise, award-winning content and intuitive navigational tools. The site also subscribes to the HON Code of Conduct for medical and health web sites, and supports Consumer Reports WebWatch guidelines to promote credible information practices on the Web.

After noting the number of comments sent in by visitors who express relief and lessened anxiety as a result of the information found on Lab Tests Online, Sherwin pointed out that the 1 million mark also highlights the need for and importance of patient information. A special session will be held at the AACC Annual Meeting this summer to explore the significance and challenges of patient education in the 21st century.

As traffic to the site has gone up, so too has the number of visitors who have sent in comments or questions relating to the site or their personal medical situations. Lab Tests Online is able to respond to each comment or question, typically within 72 hours and often within 24 hours, thanks to a team of responders led by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). Just a few years ago, the team received about 150 comments a month; today, it is receiving approximately 4500 comments monthly. The 35 volunteer members who are trained to respond to the comments are feeling the burden, and ASCLS is looking for more volunteers to help support the service. If you are interested, please with the subject line, Response Team Support.

One of the rewards for those who get to read all the comments sent in to the site is the opportunity to absorb some of the many appreciative notes. While traffic figures and number of user inquiries received are important measurements of the sites success, comments like the following one are reminders of its real impact:

For those of us who are "uninitiated to the lab," this is, indeed, the "Rosetta stone." And, it's still free for those of us on a limited income.

-- User comment, February 2006
Lab Tests Online looks forward to receiving many more such comments as it anticipates continued growth in traffic.