New Milestones for Lab Tests Online

October 16, 2006

Lab Tests Online this month hosted its 25 millionth visitor since launching in 2001, and its younger sibling, Lab Tests Online-UK, just crossed the 2 million mark. Both are significant milestones that were reached in large part due to support by members.

An online survey of users suggests that members of AACC and the collaborating associations contribute significantly to the continued growth in traffic to the US website. With monthly traffic now averaging over 900,000 visitors, members' actions are driving people to the website both directly and indirectly. According to the survey, 23% of users are finding Lab Tests Online through the countertop displays that members and other medical professionals are placing in patient waiting rooms, or via links from other websites, many of which members have created or recommended for their company sites. In addition, all those links have a positive impact on search engine rankings of the site, contributing to the 64% of users who say they’ve found the site via a search engine.

Chart showing most popular ways of finding Lab Tests Online, a web-traffic monitoring site, regularly ranks Lab Tests Online in its top 10 most popular patient education sites. Alexa's rankings are considered to be a reliable source for capturing the relative popularity of websites.

In the UK, ACB announced earlier this month that Lab Tests Online-UK had hosted two million visitors since its launch in June 2004. In fact, it required just eight months for the site to get its second million whereas 20 months was needed to get the first million visitors. ACB members and a collaboration with the Department of Health have helped to spread the word throughout the UK.

With six new Lab Tests Online sites in development in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Australia, these new achievements both challenge and motivate our partners around the world.

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