Spanish Language Version of Lab Tests Online Launched

March 29, 2007

The Spanish Society of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Pathology (SEQC) has launched Lab Tests Online-ES, a Spanish language version of Lab Tests Online.  Developed with support from the Spanish Diagnostic Manufacturers Association (FENIN), and the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association (EDMA), the site went live on March 8 and received more than 12,000 visitors within its first two weeks.

AACC partnered with EDMA in 2005 as part of a coordinated effort to bring Lab Tests Onlines award-winning lab testing information to non-English speakers in Europe and around the globe.  EDMA, in turn, partnered with SEQC to lead the effort in Spain. The site went live with 74 test descriptions translated and available to users.  With more than 230 tests currently available on Lab Tests Online, and more than 90 condition descriptions, the development team, directed by SEQCs Dr. Ramón Deulofeu, will be kept busy in the coming months as it continues to translate and post more pages to the site.

This is an auspicious beginning for the Spanish site and one of our most important launches, remarked Dr. Robert Dufour, the international editorial liaison for the original US version of Lab Tests Online.  One of our goals for several years has been to reach the Spanish-speaking populations here in the US and throughout Latin America.  Thanks to SEQC, FENIN, and EDMA, we have that opportunity.  Dr. Dufour has served on Lab Tests Onlines Editorial Review Board for seven years, and is one of the Boards original members.

According to research released this month by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, about 56% of the US Hispanic population goes online, totaling more than 20 million people.  About 60 million Spanish-speakers are online throughout Latin America. In the coming months, AACC expects to get word out to the Latino population about the new site through the Hispanic media and by working with organizations in the US and in Latin America that are focused on improving the quality of health information available in Spanish.

AACC has added two links to Lab Tests Online that take users to the new site.  The first link is a prominent graphic including the flag of Spain that fits just below the left-hand navigation on the home page.  The second, which appears on all pages on the site, has been added to the sites masthead.  The top graphic on each page now includes flags of the United Kingdom and Spain that link users to Lab Tests Online-UK and Lab Tests Online-ES, respectively. 

Lab Tests Online-ES (the ES is for España, the Spanish word for Spain) is the first of five new versions of Lab Tests Online expected to launch in Europe this year.  The German site is expected to launch this month, with the Hungarian, Polish, and Italian sites to follow later this year.