AACC Expands Global Patient Education Network

November 6, 2009

November 6, 2009--In Beijing and Paris today, AACC launched newly translated versions of its award-winning website, Lab Tests Online, providing people in China and France with access to free, non-commercial, peer-reviewed information on laboratory testing in their native language. The Chinese version of the site is the first in Asia, while the French Lab Tests Online is the ninth to go live in Europe.

Formal ceremonies to mark the launch of Lab Tests Online-CN occurred on the second day of the 8th National Conference of Laboratory Medicine sponsored by the Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine (CLSM). CSLM is the largest professional society in China devoted to the practice of laboratory medicine. Following the model established by AACC, CSLM has assumed all editorial responsibilities for translating the content of Lab Tests Online and localizing it to reflect Chinese policies, practice, and specific health concerns. Due to the large areas of China that lack Internet access, CSLM will be the first organization to also provide a print version of the site.

AACC President Barbara Goldsmith, who spoke at the launch ceremony in Beijing, remarked, “It is truly humbling to celebrate the fruits of our first collaboration with CSLM, an organization that is half a planet removed from us, and to recognize again that Lab Tests Online has indeed become a global standard for patient education.”

Several hours and timezones to the west, the French Society of Clinical Biochemistry (SFBC) celebrated the launch of Lab Tests Online-FR at the annual conference of the International Journal of Biology. Kick-off activities included presentations by Etienne Caniard of the French National Authority for Health and Christine Tarrajat, Secretary General of the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association (EDMA). EDMA and its affiliated national trade associations have sponsored Lab Tests Online in nine countries in Europe.

D. Robert Dufour, MD, Executive Editor of Lab Tests Online and the newly elected Treasurer of AACC, also spoke during the launch ceremony. Noting the worldwide access to the US version of Lab Tests Online, Dr. Dufour nevertheless pointed out the need for the translated versions. “Information, and especially medical information, is much easier to understand if it is presented in one’s native language. After today,” he continued, referencing the earlier launch in China as well, “Lab Tests Online will be available to more than one-third of the world’s population in their everyday language.”

The ten Lab Tests Online sites that were live prior to today average about two million visitors each month. The original version of Lab Tests Online has won numerous awards, and been called “one of the smartest health sites on the web” by one of the leading consumer health magazines in the US.