Lab Tests Online Launched in Portugal

January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011—Portugal is the most recent country to benefit from the globalization of Lab Tests Online, the premier patient resource on laboratory testing created by AACC. Lab Tests Online-PT has launched, making the award-winning, patient-centered content of Lab Tests Online available in Portuguese and adapted to healthcare policies and practice in Portugal.

Conceived as a means to fulfill AACC’s mission to educate patients about laboratory testing, the original Lab Tests Online is developed by AACC in collaboration with 16 other leading laboratory associations in the US and Canada. With the launch of the Portuguese version, Lab Tests Online is now available in 14 countries and 11 languages. AACC partners with a lead laboratory society in each country to ensure that the non-commercial content is properly translated and adapted by laboratory scientists.

Lab Tests Online-PT is translated, edited, and produced by the Portuguese Society of Clinical Chemistry (SPQC), with financial and promotional support from the European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association (EDMA) and APIFARMA, EDMA’s national trade association member in Portugal. EDMA coordinates Lab Tests Online initiatives throughout continental Europe.

More than 30 million people visited a Lab Tests Online website last year, further establishing Lab Tests Online as a global standard for patient education.