Turkish Version of Lab Tests Online® Launched

March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011—AACC is very pleased to announce the launch of Lab Tests Online-TR, the Turkish version of Lab Tests Online.  Lab Tests Online is a global network of sites that offers patients easy-to-understand information about clinical lab testing in 15 countries and 12 languages.

The new site has been developed in partnership with AACC by the Association of Clinical Biochemistry Specialists (KBUD) in Turkey. Led by Dr. Cuneyt Canbulat, KBUD’s team of editors has translated and adapted to Turkish policy and practice much of the content found on the US version of the site. Dr. Canbulat hosted the launch event in Istanbul yesterday, indicating that Lab Tests Online helps “lift the curtain” that veils this vital aspect of medical care from patients in Turkey, and around the world.

The event was organized around a symposium on liver function tests presented by Dr. D. Robert Dufour, executive editor of Lab Tests Online. In his remarks during the launch ceremony, Dr. Dufour congratulated KBUD for undertaking such a demanding project, pointing out that the new site was launching with more information available to Turkish users than was available when the original Lab Tests Online site went live.

Launched in 2001 by AACC in collaboration with other laboratory associations, Lab Tests Online today is a leading example for improving the health literacy of patients in the US and globally.  With sites active on five continents and in the native language of almost one-third of the world’s population, Lab Tests Online is a global standard for patient education. In 2010, more than 30 million people visited Lab Tests Online to learn about their lab tests.

In July this year, Lab Tests Online will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the AACC meeting in Atlanta.