Lab Tests Online Featured on Doctor Radio

July 1, 2011

Doctor Radio, the SiriusXM Satellite Radio network (Ch. 81), featured a half-hour segment on Lab Tests Online. D. Robert Dufour, MD, executive editor of Lab Tests Online, appeared for the full half-hour, responding to questions from the show’s host and from two callers.

The interview on June 27 was arranged as part of AACC’s campaign to celebrate Lab Tests Online’s 10th anniversary and to expand awareness of the lab testing field. During the interview, Dr. Dufour discussed the meaning of reference ranges and explained how biomarkers are used.

One of the callers, a sufferer of multiple sclerosis, provided a testimonial on how helpful Lab Tests Online has been in managing her condition. When prompted by the host, she explained that because it can often take months to get in to see her doctor, she looks to Lab Tests Online for the information she needs to help her understand her test results. She commented that the site has been very reassuring to her.

The show’s host and producer were both very pleased with Dr. Dufour’s presence on the show. Over the last ten years, Lab Tests Online has provided more than 100 million visitors with the lab testing information they need to understand their tests and to better discuss their healthcare with their physician. Dr. Dufour’s appearance on SiriusXM Radio is a promising step in further broadening awareness of laboratory testing and Lab Tests Online over the next ten years.

Lab Tests Online is currently available or in development in 17 countries and 14 languages.