Lab Tests Online-Mobile

July 24, 2011

Lab Tests Online is now available as a mobile app for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, and Google's Android phones and tablets.

In response to numerous requests and as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, AACC has launched a mobile app that puts the site's award-winning content literally in the palm of anyone who owns an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded from iTunes or the Android Market, the app does not require an Internet connection in order to access the same detailed test descriptions, news, and other content available on the Lab Tests Online website.  This means that the content is more immediately available and not subject to variable Internet connections.

Image of Lab Tests Online app on iPhoneBecause new content is regularly published to Lab Tests Online, and existing content is constantly being reviewed and modified as needed, updated content is pushed to the app when it is opened.  An Internet connection is required to receive these content updates.

Since it launched on the web in 2001, users and reviewers have lauded Lab Tests Online:

“It is Friday afternoon and I received test results that I did not understand. I won't see my doctor until Monday afternoon. The information on this site helped ease my anxieties about the results. It was easy to understand and relevant to my needs.”

“My Doctor ordered many tests and I did not know what they were all for. Reading your descriptions made me feel secure and gave me a clue about what the Doctor was looking for or trying to rule out. Now he seems pretty smart!”

“[one of the] smartest health sites on the web” – Prevention magazine, March 2004

Lab Tests Online has been developed by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in collaboration with 16 other laboratory professional societies in the United States and Canada. On the web, Lab Tests Online is currently available or in development in 17 countries and 14 languages, and was used by 30 million people in 2010. Among its many honors, Lab Tests Online received a Summit Award from the American Society of Association Executives as an “innovative contribution that has enhanced American society.”

Lab Tests Online is a public resource on clinical lab testing from the professionals who do the testing. While the website is offered for free, the app costs 99 cents.