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Cardiac Biomarkers

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Laboratory Tests

Current cardiac biomarker tests used to help diagnose, evaluate, and monitor individuals suspected of having acute coronary syndrome (ACS) include:

Other biomarker tests that may be used:

  • Myoglobin
  • BNP (or NT-proBNP) — although usually used to recognize heart failure, an increased level in people with ACS indicates an increased risk of recurrent events
  • hs-CRP

Phased out biomarkers—the tests below are not specific for damage to the heart and are no longer recommended for evaluating people with suspected ACS:

More general tests frequently ordered along with cardiac biomarkers include:

Non-laboratory Tests
These tests allow doctors to look at the size, shape, and function of the heart as it is beating. They can be used to detect changes to the rhythm of the heart as well as to detect and evaluate damaged tissues and blocked arteries.

For more about these, visit the Non-Invasive Tests and Procedures article on the American Heart Association web site.

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