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Video Pick- Collaboration Proves Key to Diagnosis

February 4 is World Cancer Day - Learn more


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World Cancer Day - February 4

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Graves Disease

Graves disease is the most common cause of overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). It is an autoimmune disorder, an attack on the thyroid gland by a person's own immune system. Read full article.

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Genetic Testing: How is it done?

To test genetic material for medical reasons, some type of sample from the body is required. This sample can be blood, urine, saliva, body tissues, bone marrow, hair, etc. The material can be submitted in a tube, on a swab, in a container, or frozen. Once received in the laboratory, the genetic material is separated and removed from the sample. Learn more.

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Did You Know? Biotin affects some blood tests

Excess biotin in the blood from supplements can cause some, but not all, lab test results to be either falsely increased or falsely decreased, causing healthcare practitioners to misdiagnose and mistreat their patients. Learn about common tests affected by biotin and what to ask your healthcare practitioner.

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AARDA Patient Resource Center

Over 50 million Americans live with an autoimmune disease. Use the  American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association's (AARDA) resource center for information about autoimmune diseases, support, and general information to help patients, caregivers, and family members better understand autoimmunity. Learn more.

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Top Ranked Articles for 2018

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3. Glossary - Polycythemia

4. Feature - Reference Ranges and What They Mean

5. News - FDA Warns Biotin May Affect Some Blood Work