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The Golden Age of the Clinical Lab-Dx: Transforming the Way Healthcare is Delivered 

Khosrow R. Shotorbani, MBA MT(ASCP)Founder & CEO of Lab 2.0 Strategic Services, LLC will teach you how to re-engineer the role of the lab in the care continuum, aligning it with the future of value-based healthcare.

Strategies for Reducing Analytical Interferences in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 

Dr. David Grenache provides a comprehensive review of common types of interferences, shares relevant case studies, and discusses key strategies that laboratorians can adopt to minimize the risk of interferences affecting clinical care. *Viewable after original air date.

Increasing STI Screening Coverage by Focusing on the End Users: Clinicians and Patients 

The stigma associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is one of the most significant hurdles in early detection and treatment. Barbara Van Der Pol PhD, MPH, shares her experiences from years of conducting STI research and discusses the need to provide STI services that change the current clinical models and reduce stigma through education.*Viewable after original air date.

Hepatitis B: Diagnostic Challenges 

From a diagnostic perspective, the complexities of chronic HBV infection are challenging existing diagnostics with the need to stage chronic infection, identify occult cases, and detect mutations. *Viewable after original air date.

Automating Anatomic Pathology 

Traditional laboratory workflows are typically highly manual processes that can result in multiple redundancies and a slowdown inproductivity. By automating several workflow processes, laboratories can increase productivity and improve efficiencies. J. Mark Tuthill, Division Head of Pathology Informatics, will present his experience with workflow automation at Henry Ford Health System that has allowed his team to streamline workflow processes in anatomic pathology. 

Managing Tough Conversations: Positive, Proactive Solutions

Have you ever been faced with a challenging conversation in the workplace? Join AACC and LabLeaders for this pre-recorded webinar to learn a simple 3-step process for dealing with the most difficult, and often most important, conversations.  

Developing a Task Force When Making Decisions About Point of Care

As a Point-of-Care professional, your decisions impact how effective your team is and how successful patient outcomes are. Learn how to tackle important decisions that require the joint effort of your cross functional teams. 

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LabLeaders Webinars

The Hidden Value of Laboratory Medicine: How to Leverage Laboratory Stewardship to Your Advantage

This informative session will focus on the tenants of effective laboratory stewardship and clearly demonstrate how the value of laboratory testing can be optimized when pathologists interact with clinical care teams. During this discussion, Dr. Pearson will also delve into how advances in laboratory technology are improving patient care in real time and provide details on how you can leverage successful utilization management to your advantage with hospital leadership.

Tough Love: How Actively Managing Your Customers Can Make Them (and You) Happier 

How should laboratories treat their clinician customers? On one hand, laboratories want to provide excellent customer service by accommodating their clinical customers’ preferences. On the other hand, laboratories need to enforce standardized processes such as proper specimen submission.  

Implementing Procalcitonin: A Team Approach 

Procalcitonin (PCT) is a biomarker of bacterial infection that aids in the risk assessment of critically ill patients and can be used to de-escalate antibiotic therapy. Procalcitonin recently became available on a variety of analytical platforms making it accessible to more laboratories. This webinar reviews the utility of PCT and describes a team based approach to implementing this biomarker in clinical practice.

Implementing Total Laboratory Automation: The Difficulties and Rewards

Change is hard, but necessary. Evolving technology enables the full automation of laboratories, leading to more efficient operations that positively impact patient care. Join Lieutenant Colonel David Sartori, Ph.D., US Army as he shares his journey driving the all encompassing project of total lab automation.

Influenza Testing: Impact of new testing and new testing options

Evolving patient and clinical needs are resulting in the re-evaluation of the approach to influenza testing. Join the discussion on what factors are affecting the epidemiology of influenza and the clinical challenges in the assessment of actual influenza patients.

Listen and Learn Campaign: A Process Improvement Initiative 

The Listen and Learn Campaign is a process improvement initiative that was designed to help leadership experience firsthand how their department affects others. Benefits of the program include easy implementation and cost reduction by increasing efficiencies across all departments in an organization. 

Facts are Friendly: Enable the Transition from Volume to Value Using Data

The 2018 AACC and LabLeaders Webinar series continues with an opportunity to further explore how to utilize data to enable a transition from volume to value in your laboratory.  

What is Your Lab's Cost of Poor Quality? How to Demonstrate the Value of Your Quality Efforts to Financial Decision Makers

By reducing or eliminating Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) resulting from adverse or nonconforming events, your lab can increase its profit margin and be perceived as a value creator by financial decision makers in the C-Suite. 

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Thought Leadership webinars

Healthy Mother/Healthy Baby: Optimal Pregnancy Outcomes through Proper Infectious Disease Testing 

Understanding the risks associated with infectious diseases during pregnancy and knowing which laboratory tests should be performed to diagnose these diseases is critical for ensuring a healthy outcome for both mother and baby. n this webinar, Dr. Judith Monroe of the CDC Foundation will discuss several infectious diseases (Zika, Hepatitis B, C and HIV) and national guidelines for testing pregnant women at risk for these diseases. *Viewable after original air date.


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