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Follow That Sample: A Short Lab Tour

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Ever wonder what happens to your sample once it's been collected? It's sent "to the lab" for analysis, but what does that entail? This article will take you on a tour as a blood sample and a throat culture are processed.

In the laboratory, trained laboratorians use various methods to analyze your sample as determined by what types of tests you need performed. The Who's Who in the Lab article introduces you to these lab personnel.

For every test, there is an appropriate sample that provides the best information for that test. To learn about other types of body samples besides blood and throat swabs that can be collected for analysis, see the article Collecting Samples for Testing.

Below is also a video from the College of American Pathologists called "The Journey of a Tissue Sample."

Take the tour (click on a picture):



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The Journey of a Tissue Sample
Source: College of American Pathologists