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Your Trusted Resource AACC Lab Tests Online (LTO) offers more than 450 test, condition, and screening articles to help patients better understand their tests and related health information. The LTO Editorial Review Board, comprised of laboratory and medical professionals, develops and routinely reviews and updates LTO's comprehensive library of easy-to-understand content, designed for patients and healthcare professionals seeking more in-depth reference information. 

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Lab Tests Online content serves healthcare organizations, laboratories, health systems, and more to provide patients with additional context about their lab tests. Give patients access to LTO's clinical lab test descriptions and related health information without leaving your site or portal. LTO's trusted content is seamlessly delivered via XML or JSON API for easy integration, with flexibility to tailor presentation of content.

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  • Annual and multi-year subscription options are available.
  • Includes unlimited access to article updates.
  • Full menu and subsets can be licensed.
  • LTO content is available via an XML or JSON API.
  • Content can be licensed in English as well as several other languages.

For more information, view the brochure and/or contact Dominique Smith, Director, eHealth & Lab Tests Online at [email protected].

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