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AACC Middle East

  • Date: November 1-2, 2019
  • Location: Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

AACC Middle East will feature AACC’s globally-renowned education and scientific programs paired with a dynamic exposition. This 2-day conference will include emerging topics relevant to the Middle East, while the exposition will highlight the latest advances in mobile health, molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry, next-generation sequencing, point-of-care, and automation. Learn More>>

Featured Podcast: Challenges in the Assessment and Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Duration: 16:10) FREE from Clinical Chemistry 

Featured Webinars: 


Enhanced Patient Care, Reduced Costs and Measurable Better Healthcare Performance through Implementation of Intelligent Liver Function Testing (iLFT), July 16, 2019, 1:00 PM ET

Liver Function Tests (LFTs) are commonly ordered for the assessment and progression of liver disease, of which 20% are abnormal, the causes of which are often complex and often under investigated. This webinar presents a team's innovative best practice in which partners across the clinical care pathway collaborated to develop and implement an Intelligent Liver Function testing (iLFT) algorithm that maximizes detection of early liver disease, increases appropriate investigations and follow-up for patients with abnormal Liver Function Test (LFT) results, and delivers cost-effective high-quality patient care.

Managing Change in the Lab – The People Side of Data Management Innovation July.24,.2019, 1:00 PM ET

People play a critical role in change management and project success when integrating new technology. Join Susan Dawson, Lab Director of Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago, as she describes pain points labs should avoid when integrating new technologies and shares best practices she’s learned while managing innovation-based change in a data-driven multidisciplinary laboratory with a long history of continuous improvement.

On Demand 

Thyroid Dysfunction in Pregnancy and its Effect on Neonates

Thyroid disorders, including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, are common endocrinologic disorders found in pregnancy and can lead to numerous problems in the mother and baby. In this webinar you will learn the common clinical presentations of thyroid disorders in pregnancy and the diagnosis of each.

The Value of the Laboratory to a Healthcare System

Hospital laboratories play an important role in today’s complex healthcare environment. Laboratories can serve as critical strategic partners for hospitals in the areas of population health initiatives, shifting the cost curve by lowering length of stay, and even assisting with physician recruitment and retention efforts. The laboratory is oftentimes not viewed as a strategic partner by hospital administration, and through this webinar, Duane J. Fitch will provide lab leadership with examples of how the lab can be a value added partner in the overall delivery of healthcare.

Gestational Diabetes: Pathophysiology, Risk, and Outcomes 

Worldwide, gestational diabetes mellitus affects approximately 14% of pregnant women. Gestational diabetes can lead to increased risks for both the mother and the fetus, including preeclampsia, macrosomia, and/or fetal death. This webinar focuses on understanding the diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes in addition to the management and appropriate postpartum follow-up to ensure optimal outcomes for both mother and baby.

Monitoring Pregnancy with Clinical Laboratory Tests

During pregnancy, an anatomical and biochemical transition occurs. Laboratory testing from the time pregnancy is first considered through the initial days of the newborn's life offer an accurate view of mother and baby’s health and well-being.

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