A condition in children resulting from excess growth hormone characterized by an abnormal growth of the long bones and increased size of feet and hands
Drug used to treat certain types of cancer; it inhibits the action of tyrosine kinase, an enzyme involved in cell growth, thus impeding the growth of cancer cells.
Material that provides the proper nutritional environment to promote the growth of microorganisms
Growth of tissue characterized by uncontrolled cell proliferation; benign or malignant, localized or invasive
capable of killing or inhibiting the growth of a microbe, such as a virus, bacterium or fungus; an agent or drug that has this effect
Abnormal growth of cells that form the glands in the lining of the colon or rectum; while benign, may become cancerous over time
A growth, such as on the lining of the mouth or intestines, that is usually benign; examples include uterine polyps and colorectal polyps