Medical Lab Professionals Week 2017

April 10, 2017

This year's annual celebration is being held April 23-29. AACC's Lab Tests Online, along with a number of lab professional associations, is celebrating the event by educating the public about the vital role that medical laboratory professionals and pathologists play in every aspect of health care.

AACC's Lab Tests Online will be sharing quick snippets that show the public how medical laboratory science is important to health care via Facebook and Twitter all week long. Learn the answers to lab medicine-related questions like:

  1. How many clinical lab tests are performed annually?
  2. Who needs blood?
  3. How many paternity tests are performed each year?
  4. How many new cancer cases are diagnosed annually?
  5. How many people are diagnosed with heart disease annually?

Are you a lab professional? Participate in Lab Week by helping AACC teach the public what the world would look like without lab professionals. It's fun and easy. Visit to learn how.