Lab Tests Online-UK App Launched

June 17, 2013

AACC and its UK partner, the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine, launched a free mobile app version of the Lab Tests Online-UK website.

The app content is derived from AACC’s and was originally adapted to the Queen’s English and local policy and practice by National Health System (NHS) laboratory doctors and scientists for the Lab Tests Online-UK website. The website and the app aim to help patients and family carers understand the many clinical laboratory tests that are used in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease. The content is also used by healthcare professionals.

Like the website, the app provides the same up-to-date, accurate information on over 250 different laboratory tests, but does so by downloading the content to the mobile device, making it accessible regardless of the availability or speed of an Internet connection.

Dr. Danielle Freedman, Chair of the Lab Tests Online-UK Board, explained how the app can be used to empower patients in the UK:

“By June 2015, in the UK, all patients will have access to their healthcare records, including test results, and no doubt will both be looking up test information on the internet or asking their doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to explain them.

“This app is an excellent resource to help support this change. I’ve been using it in my own out-patient clinics to help explain to patients why they need a laboratory test and what the results mean.”

The launch was attended by representatives from patient associations, healthcare professionals working in the media, NHS England representatives and the Presidents of ACB, the Royal College of Pathologists, and the Institute of Biomedical Scientists, as well as AACC’s Executive Editor for the global network of Lab Tests Online websites, D. Robert Dufour, MD. Speakers, including Dr. Freedman, Dr. Dufour, and Professor Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England, discussed the value of engaging patients with their care through Lab Tests Online-UK and the new app, and the importance of healthcare professionals requesting the right test, at the right time.

Dr. Freedman has written about the launch on the MedTech Europe blog.

The app is the third app version of Lab Tests Online to launch. The US version launched in 2011, and an Australian version launched in 2012. Under a special licensing arrangement with AACC, the versions in the UK and Australia are free to users in those countries. The UK version is available for download to iPhone and iPad and Android. (Screenshots below are from iPhone version.)

UK app screens