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The international sponsors listed here provide both financial and promotional support to the Lab Tests Online site in their respective countries. All are supporters of patient education as a means to improving patient engagement and health outcomes.


Fenin is a multi-sector federation that groups manufacturing, import and distribution companies and associations of healthcare technologies and products whose common characteristic is that they are suppliers to all the Spanish healthcare institutions. The companies and business associations that make up Fenin are responsible for more than 80% of the total sales to the Spanish Health Technology market with an approximate volume of business of some 7.7000 million Euros. The enterprises that form Fenin employ, either directly or indirectly, some 29.000 people. Fenin gives great importance to the research and technological development of the companies that form part of the Federation, as these companies contribute healthcare products and services that help not only to improve the patients' quality of life but also to prolong it.
What began as a Business Club for Manufacturers and Distributors of Laboratory Diagnostic Devices in the 1990s became the Chamber of Manufacturers and Distributors of Laboratory Diagnostics (IPDDL) in 2001. The association, which originally consisted of 12 companies, currently represents 23 entities and more than 85% of the IVD market in Poland. IPDDL's members are commercial enterprises and organisations that are involved in the research, development, production, distribution and import of in vitro diagnostic medical devices registered in Poland. The aim of IPDDL is to increase knowledge and the awareness of the value of IVD devices and their role in healthcare. These activities are also intended to harmonise standards in accordance with the European recommendations, improve the awareness of diagnostic information impacting medical decisions, and increase the role IVDs play in the progress of healthcare quality. IPDDL brings together innovative SMEs and leading large market companies, which together have a significant impact on improving and developing the IVD industry and the laboratory services market. From its beginning IPDDL has strongly collaborated with scientific associations and laboratory professionals. Depending on the type of regulation changes that are under discussion and the needs of members, IPDDL also takes a voice and prepares opinions for public consultations and parliamentary and senatorial commissions. From 1 January 2002, IPDDL is a member of EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association, and participants in selected working groups within Public Affairs and Regulatory Affairs. Together with a local scientific association (PTDL), IPDDL also joined the Lab Tests Online project in autumn 2006, launching the Polish version to the public in May 2007, and launched a Polish version of Medical Lab in 2009 for the younger generation.
ASSOBIOMEDICA established in October 1984, is the Federation of the National Associations gathering the companies dealing with all biomedical products and technologies, in the area of Healthcare, including in vitro diagnostic products, except medicinal products. Assobiomedica represents and safeguards the interests of biomedical and in vitro diagnostic companies with health authorities, public administration, scientific research boards and technical/professional associations. At European Level, Assobiomedica is Member of COCIR, EDMA and EUCOMED. The Electromedical Association represents Imaging, Ultrasound, Electromedicine and Healthcare IT Technologies. The Service and Telemedicine Association represents companies in Multivendor Services and Biomedical Technologies Management and telemedicine activities. The Biomedical Association represents: Orthopaedics, Dyalisis, Cardio, Sutures, Incontinence, Infusion, Laparoscopy, Wound Care, Urology, Ostomy, Anaesthesiology, TNT, Neurosurgery, Breast Prosthesis, etc. The In Vitro Diagnostic Association represents: IVD Tests for Laboratory and Self-testing. The Borderline Association was recently created and represents companies dealing with medical devices clearly referring to a specific sector, without any pharmacological, immunological o metabolic action.
CZEDMA, Czech Diagnostic Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, united the majority of manufacturers, importers, and distributors of in vitro diagnostic medical devices being active in the Czech Republic. CZEDMA members represent more than 80% of local IVD market which is worth 160 million euro. CZEDMA advocates for the interests of IVD industry in the Czech Republic in close cooperation with state institutions, health professional organizations, patient groups, and other medical device manufacturers and distributors organizations active in the Czech Republic. CZEDMA focus mainly on ethical behaviour of its members, implementation of systems guaranteeing safety of performance of products and services, and advocates business friendly environment for IVD industry with the stress on local regulations compliance with European regulations.
SIDIV - Syndicat de l’Industrie du Diagnostic In Vitro - is the professional organization representing manufacturers and distributors of in vitro diagnostics in France. Established since 1977, SIDIV now holds nearly 80 companies who make 95% of total IVD turnover in France. SIDIV is the reference partner to represent its Members to government institutions and in public or private, national or international decision making organizations. SIDIV federates its members and bring out their expectations and proposals for a better understanding of their needs and specificities. It achieves communication on the central role of the in vitro diagnostics industry in the Healthcare system. SIDIV also ensures permanent information among its members, particularly in the regulatory field.

The Medical Products Suppliers Association, A.F.P.M, is a non-profit, non-governmental  organization, founded in 2001, operating on the Romanian medical market. It was created with a strong organization vision, as a representation body of the common, economic and professional interests of its members, as well as of the scope thereof, first of all at a national, but also at an international level. A.F.P.M is member of EDMA since 2003. The primary aim of the association is to provide a transparent, balanced business climate, based on professional ethics and governed by the market competition principles.

The Hungarian In Vitro Diagnostic Society (HIVDA) was founded in 1999. It is an organization of reagent manufacturing and distribution companies in Hungary. HIVDA supports the Lab Tests Online Hungarian-language website financially.