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AACC, the producer of Lab Tests Online, could not develop this site on its own. Many organizations are responsible for making Lab Tests Online a reality. Each of our stakeholders have pooled their resources to create one of the most highly regarded health information sites on the web. For this, they have much to be proud of. Our stakeholders include:

  • Our sponsors, whose financial contributions to Lab Tests Online are a reflection of their commitment to educating the public about this vital part of our healthcare.
  • Our collaborating partners, who provide the expertise and volunteer time of their members to help us develop the award-winning content that you'll find on the site.
  • Our champion partners, who have a shared mission to educate and empower patients with peer-reviewed clinical lab testing content.
  • Our international partners, who have undertaken the development of native language versions of Lab Tests Online in their home countries, and who make valuable contributions to the breadth and quality of the content.
  • Our international sponsors, who provide both financial and promotional support to the Lab Tests Online site in their respective countries.