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Fungal Tests

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Also known as: KOH Prep; Fungal Smear; Mycology Tests; Fungal Molecular Tests
Formal name: Potassium Hydroxide Preparation; Fungal Culture; Fungal Antigen and Antibody Tests; Calcofluor White Stain

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At a Glance

Why Get Tested?

To detect a fungal infection, to determine which specific fungus or fungi are present, and to help guide treatment

When to Get Tested?

When a healthcare practitioner suspects that you have a skin, lung, or systemic fungal infection; sometimes after treatment to monitor its effectiveness

Sample Required?

The sample collected depends upon the suspected location(s) of the infection. Some examples include: scrapings of the skin, nail and hair samples, body fluids, blood, and/or a tissue biopsy.

Test Preparation Needed?