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Semen Analysis

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Also known as: Sperm Analysis; Sperm Count; Seminal Fluid Analysis
Formal name: Semen Analysis
Related tests: Antisperm Antibody Test; FSH; LH; Testosterone; Prolactin; Urinalysis

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At a Glance

Why Get Tested?

As part of infertility testing if your partner is having trouble becoming pregnant or after a vasectomy to determine if the operation was successful

When to Get Tested?

When you think you might have a fertility problem or about three months after you have had a vasectomy

Sample Required?

A semen sample collected in a sterile, wide-mouth container provided by the lab; often collected on-site, but sometimes it may be collected at home using a special condom obtained from a healthcare practitioner. For infertility testing, the sample must be analyzed within one hour of collection. Two separate collections on two separate days may be required.

Test Preparation Needed?

For infertility testing, refrain from having sex or masturbation for 2-5 days before sample collection; carefully follow instructions provided.