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Cervical Cancer

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Treatment of cervical cancer depends on the stage of the disease. If the cancer is either limited to the lining of the cervix or contained within the cervix, then treatments generally include surgical removal of abnormal cells or cryotherapy (freezing abnormal cells or tissues) or laser technology.

Interventions for more invasive cervical cancer may include surgery to remove the cervix and uterus (hysterectomy), additional surgery to remove other affected tissue and organs, radiation treatments to destroy any remaining cancerous cells, and/or chemotherapy.

As methods, treatments, and therapeutic drugs are constantly evolving, women should talk to their healthcare providers and work with them as well as a gynecologic oncologist (a doctor who specializes in cancer of the reproductive organs) to choose a treatment plan that is best for them. Depending on the diagnosis, women may wish to talk to their healthcare providers about participating in a clinical trial.

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