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Nontuberculous Mycobacteria

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Common Species

The table below identifies different NTM species and provides a brief description of each.

MycobacteriaExamples – Many Overlap
M. avium- intracellular complex (MAC) MAC has become one of the most common infections in patients with AIDS; often in the lungs and disseminated throughout the body; found widely
M. kansasii Most frequently causes lung infections; increased prevalence in the South – Texas and Florida
M. abscessus May infect implants, such as pacemakers
M. chelonae May cause post-surgical infections in artificial heart valves and prosthetic implants
M. fortuitum May cause post-surgical infections
M. xenopi Found in hot water systems
M. scrofulaceum May cause cervical adenitis, especially in children
M. marinum Found in fresh and salt water, aquariums and swimming pools; infects through breaks in the skin and may cause persistent sores
M. ulcerans Endemic in the tropics; causes Buruli ulcer, large lesions; the 3rd most common mycobacterial infection in healthy people
M. leprae Infects mucous membranes and cool areas such as skin; causes nerve damage and numbness and skin nodules; can lead to skin damage and infection

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