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Coping with Test Pain, Discomfort, and Anxiety

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Know What to Expect

Your physician uses medical tests for a variety of reasons, including screening for and diagnosing conditions that could seriously affect your health. Tests also help your physician guide treatment and determine prognosis. As bothersome as it may seem to undergo the testing, the good news is that the tests in use today are more accurate and useful than ever. They also tend to be significantly less intrusive.

Sometimes, undergoing an unfamiliar medical procedure can turn out to be a tense, upsetting, or even frightening experience. With a little preparation, however, you can help ensure that your lab test is as quick, painless, and accurate as possible. Emotional distress is more likely when your experience with a medical procedure does not match your expectations. Knowing what will happen is a good way to maintain composure.

Understanding why a medical test has been ordered can improve your attitude and preparation for the test. Being well prepared also helps you feel more relaxed and in control of the situation. Ask your health care provider to explain the reasons for your test and how the test will be conducted.

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