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Coping with Test Pain, Discomfort, and Anxiety

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Many of the tests your doctor orders for you today are less intrusive and more comfortable than the older tests they have replaced, and a variety of specimen collection equipment has also been designed with patient comfort in mind.

Don’t hesitate to request a modification or a different approach that better suits your needs. You can expect that the health professionals responsible for collecting the sample have been trained to be sensitive to the needs of apprehensive patients and people with special needs. They have some proven strategies to help you and are usually willing to listen to you to determine what will work best in a situation.

Understanding what will happen, communicating your needs to the health care professionals assisting you, employing simple relaxation techniques, and knowing how to take care of any minor physical pains will help the apprehensive individual be most comfortable and prepared for a medical test. Now, the next time your doctor orders some "routine tests," you can take comfort in knowing the routine.

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