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The Universe of Genetic Testing

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The following links will provide you with basic information on human genetics, clinical genetic testing, genetic counseling, and other issues that surround genetics tests.

General Reference

GeneTests: a federally-funded site offering expert-authored disease reviews and international directories of genetic testing laboratories and diagnostic clinics

Genetics Home Reference: a guide to understanding genetic conditions from the National Institutes of Health

The National Human Genome Research Institute: Genetics and Genomics for Patients and the Public (This site explains many of the privacy, legal, and ethical issues surrounding clinical gene testing.)

Association for Molecular Pathology

American College of Medical Genetics: a web site that provides education, resources, and a voice for the medical genetics profession (This is an advanced site.)

Genetic Alliance: a consumer organization that serves as a provider of essential quality genetics information and resources

Genetics Education Center: a site for educators that has numerous links to other education-oriented sites

Primers on basic human genetics and genetic testing

National Cancer Institute: Understanding Gene Testing (slide show format)

US Department of Health & Human Services: Understanding Gene Testing

National Institutes of Health (NHGRI), Talking Glossary

Information on genetic counseling and genetic counselors

National Society of Genetic Counselors

KidsHealth: Genetic Counseling

Human Genome Project: Genetic Counseling

More information on pharmacogenomics

National Institute of General Medical Sciences: Pharmacogenetics

Human Genome Project: Pharmacogenomics

More information on identity testing

Explore DNA: Understanding Forensic Identification

Human Genome Project: DNA Forensics

More information on tissue typing

Kimball's Biology Pages, Basic Information

National Marrow Donor Program: HLA Matching

More information on chromosome analysis

Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin at Madison

University of Washington Cytogenetics Gallery

More information on genetic testing for infectious diseases

CDC: Molecular Approach to Diagnosing and Managing Infectious Diseases

Nucleic acid amplification testing: the infectious disease testing method for donor blood

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Genetic Testing
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