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Making Informed Decisions for Better Health

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Everyone wants improved healthcare. On TV, in newspapers and magazines and, of course, on the Internet, we can find a vast amount of information about efforts being made to improve our care. As we listen and read, certain terms keep popping up – terms like health outcomes, evidence-based medicine (EBM), and patient-centered care.

Medical professionals often refer to health outcomes, evidence-based medicine (EBM), and patient-centered care. Understand these terms by reading the following articles

In this article, we offer explanations of these three key terms and their contributions to improving healthcare and, more specifically, healthcare as practiced through laboratory medicine. Together, these terms describe a range of care that you and your health practitioner may consider in making decisions about testing and treatment options. Understanding these terms, and their sometimes competing priorities, may help you to discuss your testing options with your health practitioner and make informed choices to improve your care.

Follow the navigation above to review these concepts as well as how they play into making informed decisions about your or a loved one's healthcare as well as additional resources.

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