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Wellness and Prevention in an Era of Patient Responsibility

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Screening Tests for a Healthier Life

Screening tests play a large role in preventive medicine and are an important part of a physical exam. They have two major benefits:

  • Encouragement to make positive changes: Even if you are healthy, you can learn to guard your health more closely if a test reveals, for example, a borderline high cholesterol level. Test results can help you take steps to reduce your risk and the likelihood that you will develop a life-threatening disease or disabling condition.
  • Early detection: Even before symptoms are recognized or increased risks are identified, screening tests help detect disease in its early and most treatable stages.

The Screening section on this site summarizes, by age group, the recommendations of some of the leading authorities for conditions for which laboratory screening tests are available. There are other important conditions that you may be screened for but that don't involve laboratory testing. Please keep in mind that for many tests, no national consensus exists on their value as a mechanism for preventing disease and living a healthier life, so it is important to consult with your doctor to determine which tests are right for you. In addition, recommendations for newborn screening currently vary by state.

Click on an age group below to view the specific recommendations.

Screening Tests for Newborns
Screening Tests for Infants
Screening Tests for Children (Ages 2-12)
Screening Tests for Teens (Ages 13-18)
Screening Tests for Young Adults (Ages 19-29)
Screening Tests for Adults (Ages 30-49)
Screening Tests for Adults (50 and Up)

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