Researchers recently conducted the first human clinical trial to evaluate a robotic device for blood draws.
A new AACC guideline suggests ways to prevent, identify, and deal with biotin interference in some types of blood tests.
For older men with low T, a physicians’ group recommends supplemental testosterone only for sexual dysfunction and not for other reasons.
The U.S. issues travel and healthcare precautions as more U.S. cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus are expected in the coming weeks.
Making lifestyle changes such as healthier eating and exercise to lower cholesterol at a younger age could substantially reduce lifetime risk of heart disease.
Most flu cases so far this season are due to Influenza B, a strain of the virus that usually doesn’t appear until February or March.
Although news from a recent report is encouraging, the number of people affected by antibiotic-resistant infections is still too high.
Vitamin D and fish oil supplements have little effect in reducing systemic inflammation linked to many chronic diseases.
The CDC issues a warning as rising numbers of e-cigarette or vaping products use associated lung injuries and deaths are being reported.
Among the most concerning statistics from the CDC’s annual report on STDs is the sharp increase in infants born with syphilis.