A new experimental test that detects antibodies to a panel of cancer antigens in some patients with melanoma may eventually provide a way to detect early stage melanoma.
About 700 to 1,200 cases of necrotizing fasciitis are reported each year in the U.S. These serious infections can lead to amputations and death.
Results from a recent study could have an effect on current cervical cancer screening guidelines that recommend co-testing with HPV test and Pap smear.
New results from an ongoing study show that about 70% of women with specific breast cancers and mid-range recurrence scores on the Oncotype DX test can safely skip chemotherapy.
ACS revises screening recommendations because of a 51% increase in colon cancer among people younger than age 50 since 1994.
The CDC urges the public to be vigilant in avoiding insect bites to lower the risk of these infections.
As genetic testing continues to grow, patients will need to decide, with the help of their healthcare providers, whether genetic testing is right for them.
A new CDC report highlights the growing public health threat from unusual antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can cause dangerous, hard-to-treat infections.
Additional research on larger, more diverse populations is needed before the test can be considered for clinical use.
Some experts urge caution for consumers who are considering the new test, given its limitations.