A recent study found that elevated blood D-dimer levels, a sign of increased blood clot risk, can persist in some patients after acute COVID-19 resolves.
Some symptoms of allergies and COVID-19 can overlap, causing confusion about whether to get tested for COVID-19 and/or quarantine.
Not enough evidence shows whether screening for and treatment of asymptomatic low vitamin D levels improves health outcomes.
AACC is pleased to announce that, as of January 22, it has sold Lab Tests Online—an award-winning public resource on laboratory testing—to the digital health company OneCare Media.
Two new tests combine the powerful technologies of liquid biopsy and next-generation sequencing to help guide targeted cancer therapy.
An estimated 10% of new colon cancer cases occur in people younger than age 50.
Patients need clear, step-by-step instructions when collecting their own nasal samples so that SARS-CoV-2 can be detected if present.
U.S. overdose deaths rose in early 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic is worsening this trend.
A rising number of Americans have obesity, a risk factor for several diseases and severe COVID-19 complications.
Cases of acute flaccid myelitis, a rare illness that can cause paralysis mainly in children, are expected to increase this year.