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To learn more about laboratory medicine in general and gain a greater understanding of how laboratory testing can impact your healthcare, read the following in-depth articles. These patient resources are intended to help you navigate the testing process, provide context for the tests that you may have done and give you a better understanding of your test results.

Many routine diagnostic tests require a blood sample. Common as it is, this brief procedure is the thing that causes the greatest apprehension among people getting lab tests performed. This article contains tips on making your blood tests more comfortable and less stressful.
Learn about point-of-care testing (POCT), which encompasses any laboratory tests that are performed at or near a patient and at the site where care or treatment is provided. Point-of-care test results are typically available relatively quickly so that they can be acted upon without delay.
Lab Tests Online supports health awareness events by sharing information on related Lab Tests Online test articles and resources associated with each health topic. See information on current and upcoming events below. April is STD Awareness Month...
Lab Tests Online provides flyers and infographics to help guide patients on general and popular lab medicine topics.