For older men with low T, a physicians’ group recommends supplemental testosterone only for sexual dysfunction and not for other reasons.
External, originating outside of an organ, tissue, cell or the body. It may refer to a substance that is administered to the body, such as exogenous insulin or testosterone.
Originating in or produced within an organ, tissue, cell or by the body. The term may be used to distinguish between an internal or external source of a substance, such as insulin or testosterone.
Hormones that are responsible for the induction of sexual differentiation and produce secondary male physical characteristics such as a deep voice and facial hair. An example is the hormone testosterone. They are also present in females as precursors to female hormones (such as estrogen).
A group of chemicals derived from cholesterol that typically functions as hormones; common types of steroids include sex steroids (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), glucocorticosteroids (cortisol, prednisone, dexmethasone), and mineralacorticosteroids (aldosterone).