The Greek Society of Clinical Chemistry-Clinical Biochemistry (GSCC-CB) was founded in 1989 and associates more than five hundred, laboratory scientists and medical doctors, working in the field of clinical chemistry-clinical biochemistry in clinical laboratories in Greece. The Greek Society of Clinical Chemistry-Clinical Biochemistry is the major professional society for practicing clinical biochemists and is a full member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and EFCC (European Federation of Clinical Chemistry). Membership of the GSCC-CB provides both professional and individual benefits. Every year, the Society organizes a national congress that is attended by 1200-1500 delegates. It regularly publishes a journal (BC) and an on-line news letter. The GSCC-CB welcomes graduates in science and medicine together with students and anyone with an interest in clinical biochemistry. With support from EDMA, GSCC-CB launched Lab Tests Online-GR in October 2008.

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