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Also known as: 17-OHP; 17-OH Progesterone
Formal name: 17-Hydroxyprogesterone

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At a Glance

Why Get Tested?

To screen for, detect, and monitor treatment for congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH); sometimes to help rule out other conditions with similar symptoms

When to Get Tested?

As part of a routine newborn screen; when an infant's sex is not obvious (ambiguous genitalia); when a young female has increased growth of facial and body hair (hirsutism) or other symptoms that could be related to elevated male sex hormones (virilization); when a male child has premature sexual development; periodically to monitor CAH treatment

Sample Required?

A blood sample drawn from a vein in your arm or blood from a heelstick for an infant

Test Preparation Needed?

None, but an early morning collection may be requested; it may also be requested that the blood sample be collected at a specific time during a woman's menstrual cycle.